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5 Advantages of Getting a Home A/C Repair Service: From Better Sleep to Better Romance

Home AC Repair Service discuss better sleep.

Home AC Repair Service

5 Advantages of Getting a Home A/C Repair Service: From Better Sleep to Better Romance
Home AC Repair Service

Nowadays, an air conditioner has almost become a basic necessity in any home, along with a heater.  We’re used to living in a climate-controlled environment in summer as well as winter.  However, keep in mind that an air-conditioner is not just something that makes you feel cool and comfortable; it can also be good for your health.  Read on for five advantages of getting a home AC repair service.

  1. Better sleep.  Regulating your body temperature can make sure that you get a better night’s sleep.  It’s a fact that most people find it easier to go to sleep and stay asleep when the temperature is a little cooler.  When it’s hot, you tend to get sticky and wake up from time to time.  Some people even like to get the AC running at full blast and use a comforter to get that cozy feeling when they sleep.
  2. Better concentration.  If you’re working at home, temperature control will help you to concentrate better on your work.  When you’re physically comfortable, you’re mentally comfortable as well.  So you’re likely to come up with better ideas and you’ll also be able to put them into action.
  3. Better work outs.  If you’re trying to work out at home, you’re not going to want to even get started if the weather is hot and muggy.  However, if you get air conditioning, you’ll be motivated to start working out.  You’ll also be able to work out more and longer.  Plus, your body will sweat less which means less dehydration.  Air conditioning is definitely a must if you plan to work out at home.
  4. Better cooking.  Have you ever tried to cook without air conditioning?  If so, you must have wondered how people ever cooked before temperature control became a reality.  Given that cooking involves using a stove and an oven, it results in the production of heat.  No wonder women have often referred to it as “slaving over a hot stove!”  Now, you don’t need to slave anymore, as long as you have good air conditioning which you can turn up before you start cooking.
  5. Better romance.  Everyone knows that candlelight is romantic.  But have you ever tried lighting a bunch of candles at the same time?  If so, you know that it can make a room seriously hot, which is not very romantic.  Turn your AC up, light the candles and enjoy a romantic evening with your significant other.

So if you’ve been putting off your AC maintenance or repair, these are five good reasons to make sure it gets done right away.  Call us for the best AC maintenance, repair and replacement services.

Home AC Repair Service discuss Freon recharging.

Home AC repair service companies often receive calls from people concerned that their properties’ systems need more coolant. But should they really be worried about that? In our experience, there are times when home air conditioners need to be recharged. However, it doesn’t happen as often as many people think.

air conditioning repair
Central AC-repair crews can install newly improved systems and keep them in excellent condition until more energy-efficient, inexpensive alternatives come around.

In general, the only time systems need to be recharged by our home air conditioning repair service team is after a breakdown. Why? During breakdowns, cooling systems may spring leaks. When they do, it is possible to lose enough coolant to require a recharge. In those cases, the damaged components will obviously have to be repaired or replaced. Afterward, home AC repair service technicians can go ahead and top off coolant levels.

If there are no leaks, chances are the coolant levels are just fine. Consequently, the refrigerated air condition systems’ failures will likely be attributed to other, easily corrected problems. So, how does a home or business owner know which problems require a charge? In our experience there are several, key signs and symptoms to watch out for before making a call.

For instance, what is the temperature of the air coming out of the building’s ventilation system? And how long does it take that air to bring the building’s interior to the right temperature? If the air is unusually warm and the building never seems to reach or hold temperature, there may be one or more system leaks present. The only way to confirm the existence of one or a multitude of system breaches is to hire a company that provides home AC repair service.

Home AC repair service techs can easily test a property owners’ coolant loss theory and issue recommendations on how to proceed. To find out how, please contact SoBellas Home Services. We’re conveniently located in El Paso, San Antonio and Las Cruces and offer emergency, coolant related services.

The guys in the yellow booties are here for all your air conditioner repair needs, along with expert swamp cooler conversions.  Look to the pros if you have any questions about converting to refrigerated air conditioning with SoBellas.  Call us with questions like, how much does refrigerated air cost or anything about refrigerated air conversion.

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