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5 Reasons to Service Your Water Heater This Winter – Appliance Service

Aaahhh, the second half of winter when you can see spring just around the corner, maybe even catch an elusive scent of green budding leaves. Of course, it’s still very cold out there no matter how much bright new year’s hope you and the trees are carrying around. In most states, you will still be able to see your breath, have to shovel the walk, and have to defrost the car for ten minutes before it’s ready on a particularly cold morning. However, perhaps the aspect of your home that works the hardest in the winter is the water heater. Look to SoBellas Appliance Service

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It’s only natural that during the winter when people get cold they also tend to focus on hot water, but is your water heater up to the task? If you have been experiencing a distinct ‘not enough’ hot water problem, an unusually high water or power bill, or the usual signs of leaking or rattling that indicate trouble, it may be time to have your water heater looked at because you will seriously need your hot water in the winter.

1) Washing Your Hands in Hot

In the summer when simply tap water was only vaguely cold, you were more than happy to wash your hands in one of the many taps in your home. This makes hand washing fast and tidy but in the winter, the casual method just won’t do. If you’d like to have all your fingers (un-frostbitten) at the end of a hand wash, you may have to stand there for a few minutes while the water ‘gets hot’ (ie: is transported from the water heater tank). The only problem is that every time you want to wash your hands, whether it’s before meal preparations or for normal levels of cleanliness, you need to run a significant amount of hot water out of the water heater which may be old, clogged, in need of repairs. 

2) Hot Baths and Steamy Showers

Of course, who doesn’t love a nice hot bath in the winter to fill the room with cozy warm steam and put yourself in a position of delightfully hot luxury? Those who don’t go the bath route complete with spa enjoy long and relaxing hot showers which can drain even more of the water in your water heater, forcing it to refill and reheat before long.

3) Keeping the Laundry Fresh

If you spend any time at home during the holidays, you’ll understand how important fresh laundry is. When you’ve been playing out in the snow, there’s nothing quite like coming inside, shedding your outer-wear and drying off with a fluffy towel that is still warm from the dryer. To really warm up, they often decide to take a luxuriously steamy shower to wash away the rest of the snow and enjoy another hot towel to dry off with.

4) Enough Hot Water for Everyone

Living in a family home can make hot water management even more important. If you need to ration or assign shifts so that everyone gets a turn, then maintenance and efficiency of your water heater is what determines how long each person can take in the shower before they have to switch off or let the heater recharge.

5) Save Money On Your Power Bill and help avoid appliance service

Finally, the best reason for any household to get their water heater inspected and services is the fact that it can save you money on your power bill in a time when the furnace is already increasing your usage. When a water heater has been flushed regularly, had the filters changed, and been closely inspected by professionals, you should be able to see a notable blip in your power bill that could easily be built upon.

So now all that’s left is to call the maintenance and repair service to get a quote and schedule an inspection. Don’t already have a water heater maintenance and repair service ready to help you? Contact us today for any appliance service in El Paso or Las Cruces

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