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7 Common Telltale Signs that Your Heater Needs Repair

You do not have to wait for your heating system to fail to call in your HVAC repair service provider. While you cannot tell exactly when your heater may stop working, there are telltale signs that warn of possible issues.

They allow you time to repair them before they get into serious problems. It takes no expert to notice signs that your heater needs repair. Look out for these signs.

1.  Increased Utility Bills leads to Heater Repair

Your system becomes less efficient with age: worn-out parts and the accumulation of dust and debris in your heating system lower its efficiency. Reduced efficiency means that your system must work extra hard and long hours to maintain the set indoor temperature. It also consumes more power, leaving you with higher electricity bills.

An abnormally high gas bill could also point to a malfunctioning heater, but it’s best to take note of utility company rate changes before you can call it. Call your heater expert to look at your system and advise on repairs if your utility bills keep increasing. 

2.  Discolored Burner Flame

If your burner’s pilot light changes color from blue to yellow, it indicates something wrong with your heater. Insufficient or blocked ventilation may cause your burner pilot light to burn less efficiently, turning yellow.

Incomplete combustion of fuels produces carbon monoxide gas that cannot dissipate adequately due to blocked ventilation. Carbon monoxide is dangerous in high quantities, and you should shut down your heating system and call for repair.

3.  When your Heater Short Cycles

When your heater goes on and off more than it should, it is a short cycle. It cannot keep your home warm and needs urgent repair. A short cycle happens when the heat exchangers overheat or due to clogged air filters and blowers. The system shuts down and turns on again when the heat exchanger cools down.

4.  Poor Air Quality

If the air environment in your home gets too stuffy without any good reason, it may be your heating system. A faulty heater can circulate dust, pollen, mildew, and other allergens to the detriment of your air quality. A spike in respiratory illnesses and allergies indicates poor air quality.

Usually, poor air quality results from broken air filters and calls for repair or replacement. If new filters do not solve the problem, call experts to inspect and clean your heating system.

5.  Your heater can’t Keep Your Home Warm – Heater Repair

If you have to adjust your thermostat too often to get the right temperature, your system has something wrong. Your heater is struggling to keep up with the cold.

You may also experience cold spots or chilly rooms in your home. Most probably, your duct system has holes, letting treated air escape.

6.  Too Many Replacements in a Short While

DIY heater repairs are not unusual, but if you notice that you are replacing some parts too often, there may be underlying issues with your heater. DIY repairs might be too expensive in the long run. Have your system checked for major repairs and maintenance. If you have an old system, upgrading may be more economical.

7.  Strange Noises

Old or broken systems are prone to occasional squealing, rattling, or creaking sounds. Squealing indicates problems with your motor bearings, while creaking and rattling point to lose blower assembly parts.

When your system makes strange noises, inspect it before the problem progresses to severe mechanical issues.

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