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Heater Repair – Change Your Filters

 Heater Repair to get you through the long winter.

heater repair

Keep your family warm all winter with the help of SoBellas Heating Repair Services

The AC filter you utilize is only as useful as the care you provide it. In order to make the most of your air conditioner, you need to make sure you’re providing inspections to your systems from a local HVAC professional. One of the most common pieces of maintenance that our Heater Repair contractors provide is the changing of your air filters. In order for your AC filter to constantly work for you, you need to make sure that you get it changed every month.

This might seem like a lot, but you need to realize that your filters protect both your heating system and your breathing quality. The filter blocks out allergens and debris that will be inhaled when the filters are no longer able to work. Regardless of what type of filter you use, it needs to be changed frequently in order to give you the best work out of your equipment. If the filter is clogged, your heater will work harder on a regular basis. If the furnace has to overwork itself, you’ll end up paying more money on your energy bills throughout the months.

You’re doing yourself a huge favor in terms of your health and finances by getting these filters changed frequently. Rather than just letting your heater fend for itself, you should have only the finest filters installed, while making sure that you also change these filters on a frequent basis. If you need help with your filters or any kind of heater maintenance or heater repair, contact us for information and advice.  Call today, (800) 617-6235

Are you 100% sure your cooling system will make it through another summer? Here’s a way to eliminate the risk…

Since my business depends on the weather, we pay lots of attention to weather predictions. I’m no alarmist, but this summer is being widely reported to have far higher than normal temperatures.

So cooling systems that “got by” last season are likely doomed. And we get the bulk of our calls when systems are straining the hardest to keep up with the heat. These breakdowns often occur on THE hottest days. Believe me, this isn’t good or bad luck; it’s fact.

Why I’m writing now. Last summer, I saved my customers tons of money and aggravation by offering new air conditioning systems at low “off-season” prices. This calculated risk allowed me to replace worn-out equipment fast and at lower prices than other contractors. It’s about being prepared. So,

This summer we’re doing it again. SoBellas Air Conditioning and Heating has access to several sets of state-of-the-art, highly efficient cooling equipment at DISCOUNTS up to 15%. If you wait until yours breaks, we may not have any left at these prices.

However, since neither of us knows IF you’ll need new cooling equipment this summer, here’s how you can protect yourself no matter what:

You can get a Summer Cooling System and AC refrigerated air conversion Analysis AT NO CHARGE.

This analysis will tell us whether your system needs a simple adjustment, tune-up or repair. In some cases, maybe a replacement or conversion makes sense, but there’s no reason to jump in too deep yet. So,

Either way you win. If your system just needs a tune-up or repair, we’ll take care of that for you AND give you a 10% discount on the work. And if you decide new equipment is right, your ready to convert to refrigerated air, then you’ve got a nice discount on that too.

Call us at 800-617-6235 to make sure we get you on the books for the Free Summer Cooling System Energy Analysis.

heating repair

When is the Best Time of Year for Heater Repair?

HVAC repair is a year-round service because everyone needs wither AC or heating during each part of the year, and repairs when the HVAC stops working. However, furnace repair is a specifically seasonal need. For the most part, homeowners realize they need furnace repair during the first cold stretch of autumn when we fire up our heaters for the first time in a year. Sometimes, the need for furnace repair doesn’t rear its head until the dead of winter when broken heating becomes an emergency. But if you plan ahead, you can master best time of year for every type of furnace repair and upkeep service.

Let’s dive into the details.

Autumn Furnace Inspection and Repair

The single best time for a heater repair is early autumn, before the first real cold front. When the kids go back to school and you start thinking about Halloween costumes, think about your furnace as well. This is the perfect time to have your furnace inspected, serviced, and any necessary repairs taken care of before the first time your home actually needs heating.

During early autumn, call your local HVAC team and schedule a system inspection. Autumn is also a good time to have your AC serviced and “put away” clean and ready for a season of downtime before firing up again next Spring.

ASAP Furnace Repairs in the Winter Time

No one goes into wintertime with a nearly-broken furnace on purpose. But if your furnace breaks down in the middle of winter, you can trust us to treat it like an emergency. HVAC services in the dead of winter or the heat of summer are often urgent for the health and safety of the family who lives there. If your furnace stops working in the winter your HVAC will understand that this is a matter of safety and will schedule your furnace repairs as promptly as possible. If there is even a day’s delay, make other arrangements for a safe place for your family to sleep. Your HVAC team will have your furnace repaired and your home warm again as soon as possible.

Springtime Furnace Inspection and Tune-Up

Spring is another great transition time for HVAC maintenance and repairs. If your furnace seemed to be lagging along through the winter, have it inspected when the weather warms up in the Spring. Your technician may find that your furnace just barely kept generating heat through the winter or may find  a quick repair can solve any problems you’ve seen.

The Spring is also your ideal time to have your AC checked and tuned-up just before the first heat-wave hits and we switch back to summertime protocols.

Furnace Installation and Major Heater Repair in the Summer

The middle of summer also plays a role in heater repair. If you want your furnace replaced or a major repair done, the summer is the best time to schedule. Summer is a busy season for home repairs because the weather is good and the roads are clear. Have your furnace replaced in the summer so it is completely ready to go by the time winter rolls around again.

Is your furnace showing signs that it may need repairs? With winter already around the corner, don’t delay scheduling an inspection and service soon. You can count on our team to take your concerns seriously and give your furnace a full tune-up service to ensure optimum performance all through the winter.

Contact us today to book your furnace repair or consult with an HVAC expert on the symptoms you’ve noticed from your furnace during the first few cold days of the year. We look forward to helping you.

The guys in the yellow booties are here for all your air conditioner repair needs, along with expert swamp cooler conversions.  Look to the pros if you have any questions about converting to refrigerated air conditioning with SoBellas.  Call us with questions like, how much does refrigerated air cost or anything about refrigerated air conversion.

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