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Home Heater Repair Service in Texas Can Help with Noise Complaints

Heater Repair Service Help Quiet Things Down.

Heater Repair Service

Home Heater Repair Service in Texas Can Help with Noise Complaints Home Heater Repair Service

It’s a freight train. It’s a plane. No, that awful racket is coming from your home’s Heater. Now what? The good news is our SoBellas home Heater repair service team knows just how to decrease the din so your family and the rest of the neighborhood don’t have to walk around with ear plugs in place.

There are various reasons why a home’s heater might start to make enough noise to rouse the local zombies. As such, our home heater repair service pros typically start out by narrowing down the source of the racket. It could be that your home AC compressor or fans have gone awry and need repair or replacement. When that happens, they can generate a lot of direct and indirect noise.

If a replacement fan or compressor is needed, we’d suggest selecting new models that are designed run a lot quieter than their older counterparts. For example, older model heater and AC systems tend to produce 55 to 70 decibels of noise. Newer ones typically generally emit 45 decibels or less. However, the noise ranges do vary. So it’s best to ask our heater repair team for suggestions or do some shopping around on your own.

Speaking of shopping for a new heating system, you might want to consider our SoBellas Signature Series AC and heating systems. They tend to be extremely quiet by nature. Therefore, they may prove to be the best solution for your home.

We should also mention that in other situations, the awful noise may be caused by vibrations. When that happens, our home heater repair service team may recommend the use of sound blankets, acoustical panels, concrete pads or other items that are used to create sound barriers. Changing the location of the home’s heating unit or altering the landscape may help to decrease or deflect the noise away from other areas too.

To speak with our SoBellas home heater repair team about the previously mentioned noise solutions in more depth, please call (800) 617-6235 or contact us online.

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