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How to Clean the Inside of Your Microwave Door Window – Appliance Repair

Appliance repair and Your Mission: Clean the Unreachable Inside of the Microwave Window

appliance repair
Getting Your Appliances Repaired Before the Holidays appliance repair

There is nothing more frustrating than getting your microwave squeaky clean, inside and out, only to realize that the door window still looks filthy. Somehow, despite the apparent laws of physics, food has gotten between the outer window and the inner window and there is no getting a sponge in between. Or is there? Find out what to do and avoid costly appliance repair.

The secret is that the microwave door is made of two panels, and you can absolutely remove the inner panel to finally clean that elusively dirty window space.

This guide will help you finally clean the window space inside your microwave door.

Avoid Appliance Repair get Your Supplies Ready

The supplies for this cleaning task are surprisingly simple. All you need is a sturdy putty knife or a thin flathead screwdriver and your cleaning supplies. That’s it!

  • Putty Knife or Thin Flat-Head Screwdriver
  • Soapy Sponge
  • Hand Towel

Step 1: Safety Precautions – Appliance Repair

Start with the one necessary safety precaution: Unplug the microwave. You can move it to the table to work on if this is more comfortable, but the control panel for your microwave is inside the outer door so it’s safest to cut off the power before you do this.

Step 2: Pry Open the Inner Door Panel

  • Insert the Putty Knife Into the Groove
    • With your putty knife or screwdriver, slide the thin surface into the slot that outlines the inner door window. You will feel periodic resistance which are the securing plastic tabs.
  • Carefully Release Each Plastic Tab Around the Perimeter
    • Use your tool to very carefully press and release each tab. Be gentle, these tabs are microwave-plastic and can break easily if forced. But you can successfully release each one to loosen the inner panel.
  • Pull the Inner Door Panel Away
    • Use your tool to pry the panel out once the 

Step 3: Scrub and Dry Everything

Get your soapy sponge ready and finally give the interior of your microwave windows the scrubbing you’ve been dying to do. Rinse your sponge regularly, use extra soap if necessary to get all the aerated and reformed crud off the appliance surfaces. You can even soak the inner panel before scrubbing to make it easier.

Then dry everything. Before you put the panels back together, make sure there will be no moisture between them.

Step 4: Reinstall the Inner Door Panel

  • Fit the Inner Panel Tabs Into the Correct Space
    • Carefully line up the tabbed edge of the clean inner panel into place. Make sure it is even and properly aligned before proceeding. Remember, those tabs are pretty breakable.
  • Press the Inner Panel Firmly Until Tabs Click
    • Press firmly inward so that the tabs flex and then snap into place as your inner panel slides home.
  • Check Around Edges to Confirm
    • Press all the way around the edge to make sure each tab properly secured otherwise you may find you need appliance repair for that door you just cleaned.

Step 5: Victoriously Watch Your Food Spin

It’s time to congratulate yourself. If you have just followed all of these steps then you have also just successfully performed the beginnings of serious microwave repair, all in the name if a clean viewing window and a clean-looking kitchen. It should also be noted that once you know how to remove the inner panel, you can clean the window any time you like, replace the handle, and take the door off the hinges any time you like.

Now you can stop worrying about weirdly old food particles seeping into your food and your microwave window is gloriously clear. And celebrate the fact that you did not need any help with this type of appliance repair.

The best way to celebrate is to put your microwave into self. Grab yourself a bag of popcorn or a leftover piece of pizza and set it spinning. Admire your work by victoriously watching your food spin behind the clean window. Contact us today for more appliance repair guides.

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