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How to Replace Your Dryer Door Switch – Dryer Repair DIY

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When your dryer door switch or latch stops working, your dryer may not stay closed or acknowledge that it is closed. This can put your entire laundry plan on hold, making it impossible to keep doing laundry at home or forcing you to hang your laundry instead of getting nice fluffy clothes. Today, we’re here to help you replace your dryer door switch so you can get back to drying your clothes daily and avoid the dreaded dryer repair.

Take Safety Precautions with any dryer repair.

The first step in any dryer repair is to make sure you are safe from electrocution. Unplug your dryer at the wall or, if you can’t reach the plug, or switch off the breaker that powers the dryer.

Collect Your Equipment

Next, collect your equipment. This is the best way to complete your repair from beginning to end without having to stop in the middle to grab something. For this repair, you will need needle-nose pliers, a dish towel, and a sturdy putty knife or a thin flat-head screwdriver for a bit of prying. And, of course, your replacement dryer door switch. Find the right switch by looking up the make and model of your dryer and finding the correct part number for the door switch before ordering.

  • Needle-Nose Pliers
  • Hand Towel
  • Putty Knife or Flat-Head Screwdriver
  • Replacement Door Switch

Remove Lint Filter and Cover

To start, you will need to remove the dryer lint housing which fastens the top panel to the rest of the dryer. Start by removing the lint trap filter and setting it aside. Then loosen the mounting screws that hold the dryer lint housing in place. Pull out the dryer lint filter housing and set it aside as well.

Take Off the Top Panel

Now you’ll need to wield your putty knife or flat-head screwdriver. Wrap the putty knife in masking tape to keep it from scratching your dryer. Now fit the knife beneath the lip of the top panel and pry it up. There may be hidden latches that you can loose with the putty knife underneath the lip. When the top of the dryer comes free pull it up carefully with the tea towel. Be careful, the underside of this panel can be sharp.

Lift up the panel and prop it up with a chain or against the back wall. You will now be able to see the inside of your dryer from the top, including the door switch assembly.

Uninstall the Broken Door Switch

In the top corner of the front panel will be the electrical connection for the old door switch on the right-hand side. Pull apart the wire harness which is a small white clip. Now open your dryer door completely. Identify the switch in the upper right corner located inside the door pocket. There will be one or two mounting screws holding it in place, so remove them.

The door switch should pull out through the top opening now.

Install Your New Door Switch

The new door switch will go in just as easily. Place the new door switch in through the top and slide it into place in the upper corner of the door pocket. Secure it with the one or two mounting screws and then reconnect the wire harness exactly as the previous door switch was attached. 

Reassemble Your Dryer

Now you should be safe to put your dryer back together. Close the dryer door, then pull the top of the dryer closed. Fit the dryer top over the housing and press it until the latches click into place. Then return the dryer lint housing, securing the mounting screws. Finally, return the dryer lint filter and you’re done.

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