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SoBellas Refrigerator Repair Staff’s 3 Energy Saving Tips for Summer

Refrigerator Repair pros help save money this summer.

Refrigerator Repair

SoBellas Refrigerator Repair Staff’s 3 Energy Saving Tips for Summer
Refrigerator Repair

In no time at all, Texans will be faced with the hot days of summer. So before that happens, our refrigerator repair staff wanted to share three of their energy saving tips with you and other families. Each tip is suitable for use regardless of which refrigerator brand you and other residents may have on hand.

1.) Maintain the Ideal Temperature

In our refrigerator repair staff’s opinion, one of the easiest ways to save energy, and money, is to set your fridge at the ideal temperature. In most instances, that perfect temperature range runs from 35 Degrees Fahrenheit to 38 Degrees Fahrenheit. However, you may want to check the owner’s manual that came with your refrigerator to be sure.

2.) Check the Seals & Condenser Coils

Having our refrigerator repair staff check your unit’s seals and condenser coils at the start of the season can be helpful too. After all, broken seals and dirty condenser coils are two chief reasons why refrigerators lose energy during hot, Texas summers. Our refrigerator repair pros can take care of those two issues and more during routine service calls.

3.) Be Fridge Content Smart

Another reason why refrigerators lose energy during the summer months has to do with its contents. Thus, it is important to make sure that you keep the fridge full and position its contents away from the interior walls too. Doing so will help to keep the air inside of the fridge circulating and at the proper temperature. In addition, never put hot food into the fridge. Not only is it a food safety hazard, it can cause your fridge to work double time as well.

For more information about these and other energy saving measures, please contact our refrigerator repair professionals at (800) 617-6235. If you call now, we can help ensure that your Texas home’s appliances will be safe, energy efficient and ready for all of the warm days ahead.

Refrigerator Repair Tech Shares Post-Power Outage Tip

Liebherr home appliances continue to enjoy elevated status among Texas consumers. Although the units are generally able to withstand summer brownouts and storm related interruptions, there will be times when Liebherr refrigerator repair experts must step in and analyze flashing symbols or codes for homeowners.

On a good note, most warning notices that tend to appear after power hiccups are often signaling minor problems as opposed to significant events. For example, did you know that some temperature settings must be reset after brownouts? It’s true. Otherwise, the Liebherr brand appliance will invariably sound an alarm or flash a service code.

The codes generally indicate that the freezer or fridge has an internal temperature that’s within the danger zone. We’ve discussed food danger zones several times before in other posts. Consequently, we won’t cover them again today.  Those that may have missed the previous discussions are welcome to review our blog or reach out to our Liebherr refrigerator repair team for answers.

Without question, there are also other alarms that may crop up after a power outage or surge. A few of the alarms that our Liebherr refrigerator repair team members often see are associated with the appliances’ doors, drawers and filters. For the record, they are typically quick, alarm problems to resolve as well. Also, there may be occasions where our team members can walk homeowners through the resolution process over the phone or via e-mail. As such, when it comes to door and filter alarms, there may be no need for an in-person visit.

With that in mind, do you want to know more about electrical interruptions and how they may negatively impact home appliances? If so, please contact our Liebherr refrigerator repair technicians online or by phone. We’ll do our best to discuss as many easily correctable, warning codes with you as possible.

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