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Central Air Conditioner Repair Crews Remain Excited About Potential System Advances

Air conditioner repair pros look to the future.

air conditioning repair

Central AC-repair crews can install newly improved systems and keep them in excellent condition until more energy-efficient, inexpensive alternatives come around.

Can central air conditioning repair be improved? That’s a question industry experts from around the world have been grappling with as of late in the air conditioner repair industry. For decades, college think tanks, including Central Florida University, have been coming up with theories and patenting potential improvements to America’s HVAC systems and air conditioner repair. However, many of those groups never put their proposed products to the test in real world environments. That’s currently changing thanks to United Kingdom’s own, Tekcapital®.

They’re working on a number of energy-saving projects, including those that involve central air conditioning units and a c service. So of course, our central AC repair crew is hoping the researchers will succeed in their improvement efforts. If they do, perhaps home and business owners will be able to enjoy central air conditioning systems that boast better than 14.8 EER or 17.3 SEER ratings. As it stands now, many systems are less efficient than that.

What can central AC repair crews do to help property owners until the theories are proven both true and feasible?  Firstly, they can continue staying on top of central air conditioning trends and help consumers find the most efficient models currently on the market. By the way, there are a number of notable, existing systems.

Second, they can install the newly improved systems and keep them in excellent condition until more energy-efficient, inexpensive alternatives come around like the ones research groups are presently working on. And the great news is at SoBellas, we do all of that. Plus, we offer consumers warranted systems that meet or exceed EPA guidelines. And all of them are guaranteed to leave consumers throughout New Mexico and Texas undeniably satisfied with their new central ACs.

To learn more and reach for that 17 SEER or 14+ EER rating today, please contact us at one of our various locations for local heating and cooling repair. We’re headquartered in all of the best cities, including El Paso and Las Cruces, NM. 

4 Reasons Why People Put Off Air Conditioning Repair (And Why You Shouldn’t!)

Procrastination is a real issue. People put things off all the time–even important things, like making sure your home has a reliable source of cool air. 

But is procrastination really at the root of why people are tempted to put off air conditioning repairs? 

We don’t think so. 

4 Reasons Why People Put Off Air Conditioning Repair (And Why You Shouldn’t)

Don’t make the same mistakes these folks make! 

Reason 1: Livable Status Quo 

Much like car owners who know their engines are starting to make a funny noise but just keep driving because they haven’t experienced major problems yet, some homeowners know that their HVAC systems could use an overhaul; yet because the status quo hasn’t become unlivable, they’re content to ride things out “for now.”

This is an extremely common phenomenon.

According to the New York Post, 32% of homeowners have been putting off at least one home improvement job for over a year. 

The average home has nine repairs or DIY jobs that need to be completed, with 57 percent of homeowners feeling their home was still a “work in progress.” In fact, only 10 percent of homeowners felt they were completely on top of their home maintenance tasks.

Even though people know there’s work to be done, the bottom line is this: as long as they can maintain the status quo, many of them will put off home repairs indefinitely.

Including AC repairs.

This is a mistake.

Not only will most repair issues only worsen over time, but they’ll most likely prove more costly and require more extensive attention down the road. 

The best thing savvy homeowners can do when they sense their HVAC system needs attention is to take care of the problem right away.

Reason 2: Busy Lifestyle causing air conditioner repair needs

We often hear people complaining about how busy they are; and there’s naturally truth to that. 

But the Pew Research Center reports that though Americans are busy, in most cases, their busyness does not prevent them from enjoying life. While only 12% of people seemed to find themselves too busy to enjoy their lives at all, the vast majority admit to only overdoing it occasionally. Overall, most people are content with the balance they’ve struck.  

It’s hard to imagine enjoying life with a poorly functioning air conditioning system, however, and if putting off repairs leads to a total breakdown, you’re going to have an even more difficult time handling your schedule.

Imagine being super busy and hot and sweaty all the time!

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to happen that way. If you keep your HVAC system in good working order and make repairs as needed, all you will have to do is imagine. 

Reason 3: Fear of Expenses

As with most home and auto repairs, we can find ourselves fixating on worst-case scenarios, with visions of sky-high repair bills dancing in our heads.

These are very natural fears, but having a good sense of how much HVAC repairs typically cost can help overcome them. While there are naturally some costly repairs that are required from time to time, the national averages are actually quite reasonable.

On average, basic service calls routinely clock in well under $100, and most repairs are equally reasonable

Air Conditioning Repair Costs:

  • National Average Cost: $225
  • Average Range: $200-$250
  • Minimum Cost: $175
  • Maximum Cost: $300

The exact cost of a repair will always vary according to a number of factors.

  • The type of unit involved. Repairs on a window unit will typically be lower than those on a central air system or a ductless mini-split. 
  • The labor and parts. The longer a job takes, and the more parts and replacements are required, the higher the overall cost will be. 
  • The repair company’s fees.  Depending on who you call, you may be quoted different prices for the same fix. 

It may be tempting to hold back on repairs due to fear of a costly fee.

But as we already mentioned, problems only grow worse over time. Putting it off ensures a higher bill in the future, and fixing it now will likely prove less expensive than you fear.

Reason 4: Looking for Trustworthy and Reliable Help

We hire experts in part because we lack the skills and experience to do the job well ourselves. That very dynamic, though, can make us suspicious of a professional’s findings.

Because most average homeowners don’t fully understand the intricacies of an HVAC system, they may fear that calling in an air conditioner repair person could lead to them being sold unnecessary treatments or overpriced parts simply because they don’t know any better. 

A few ways to ensure that you’re getting trustworthy and reliable help include the following:

  • Ask for recommendations. Friends, family, and neighbors may have a trusted company to recommend.
  • Check online. In addition to checking the official website for testimonials, contact the Better Business Bureau to check for any issues. Reading the comment section on a local company’s social media page can also prove very revealing.  
  • Shop smart. It’s okay to ask for free estimates from a variety of service providers, compare notes, and decide on the company that can offer you the best deal. 

 That’s where we come in.

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