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Don’t let air conditioning repair spring up on you

Spring is officially in the air and Texans know that the sweltering heat is well on its way.Air Conditioning Repair

In preparation, Better Business Bureau suggests homeowners get their air conditioning units checked by a trustworthy professional to make sure it’s in good working order so to avoid air conditioning repair.

Don’t get burned by hiring the wrong service company. Nationally, BBB received nearly 1,000 complaints against residential air conditioning service companies in 2013. Complaints against AC service contractors often allege problems with the final price or payment process, as well as complaints that the service was ineffective.

If you’re due for an upgrade, spending a little money on improvements can save you a lot over time. Air sealing is one of the quickest ways to cut your heating and cooling costs. Also, you can visit the Energy Saver website for DIY Savings Projects that provide step-by-step instructions on how to weatherstrip your windows and seal air leaks with caulk.

There is a growing industry of professionals who are qualified to make recommendations to homeowners on how to improve the overall energy efficiency of their homes. Be sure to use a certified energy auditor.

According to, turning your thermostat back from its normal setting by seven to 10 degrees for eight hours a day can save you as much as 10 percent a year on heating and cooling costs. Small changes have big results.

Unplug devices that aren’t being used

Keep air vents open

Replace traditional bulbs

Turn off lights when you leave

Change the filter

Install a programmable thermostat

Use fans

Plug leaks

BBB offers this advice when hiring a trustworthy air conditioning contractor:

• Consult your owner’s manual. Before doing anything, check the warranty on your current air conditioning unit to determine whether any tune-ups, repairs or replacements may be covered.

• Hire a professional to maintain your heating and cooling system. Arrange for annual maintenance with a qualified technician. This includes checking the airflow over the coil, testing for the correct fluid (refrigerant) level, checking the combustion process and ensuring proper air-flow to each room.

• Research the company. Visit for the BBB Business Review of any air conditioning service or energy auditor you plan to hire to learn details about the company, like its history of complaints.

• Check licensing. The Department of Licensing and Regulation requires a license for heating, ventilation and air conditioning technicians and electricians. Ask to see a copy of the license before work starts.

• Compare prices. Get at least three estimates in writing. All bids should provide a full description of the services provided and the materials used.

For more information on air conditioning repair or if you are interested in an AC Conversion call on the guys in the yellow booties.

air conditioning repair

Central Air Conditioner Repair Crews Remain Excited About Potential System Advances

Air conditioner repair pros look to the future.

air conditioning repair

Central AC-repair crews can install newly improved systems and keep them in excellent condition until more energy-efficient, inexpensive alternatives come around.

Can central air conditioning repair be improved? That’s a question industry experts from around the world have been grappling with as of late. For decades, college think tanks, including Central Florida University, have been coming up with theories and patenting potential improvements to America’s HVAC systems and air conditioner repair. However, many of those groups never put their proposed products to the test in real world environments. That’s currently changing thanks to United Kingdom’s own, Tekcapital®.

They’re working on a number of energy-saving projects, including those that involve central air conditioning units and a c service. So of course, our central AC repair crew is hoping the researchers will succeed in their improvement efforts. If they do, perhaps home and business owners will be able to enjoy central air conditioning systems that boast better than 14.8 EER or 17.3 SEER ratings. As it stands now, many systems are less efficient than that.

What can central AC repair crews do to help property owners until the theories are proven both true and feasible?  Firstly, they can continue staying on top of central air conditioning trends and help consumers find the most efficient models currently on the market. By the way, there are a number of notable, existing systems.

Second, they can install the newly improved systems and keep them in excellent condition until more energy-efficient, inexpensive alternatives come around like the ones research groups are presently working on. And the great news is at SoBellas, we do all of that. Plus, we offer consumers warranted systems that meet or exceed EPA guidelines. And all of them are guaranteed to leave consumers throughout New Mexico and Texas undeniably satisfied with their new central ACs.

To learn more and reach for that 17 SEER or 14+ EER rating today, please contact us at one of our various locations for local heating and cooling repair. We’re headquartered in all of the best cities, including El Paso, Las Cruces and San Antonio.

Air Conditioner Repair

Air Conditioner Repair: Proper Maintenance after a Repair

Air Conditioner Repair pros discuss proper maintenance.

Air Conditioner Repair

Air Conditioner Repair: Proper Maintenance after a Repair
Air Conditioner Repair

Keeping an air conditioner in great condition does not mean maintenance must be related to the unit. It is possible to maintain a unit in many other ways, and this is especially crucial after utilizing professional air conditioner repair.

Keep Your Thermostat as High as Possible

While it is more than understandable that you want to be comfortable inside your home, setting your thermostat extremely low is only going to cost a lot of money and make you feel a little bit better. Ideally, you should find a temperature that makes you feel comfortable, and then use this as your thermostat temperature whenever it gets excessively warm inside. It is an excellent way to prevent your air conditioner from getting overworked to achieve a lower temperature than necessary.

Renovate Your Roof with Air Conditioning in Mind

Thinking of a home as a cohesive unit is not a bad idea, especially when there are so many factors that determine how much money you spend on routine maintenance, repairs, and utilities. In this case, going through roofing repairs or renovations means you have an opportunity to preserve your air conditioner. Choosing roof shingles that are light in color will reflect the heat from the sun better than dark colors, which in turn will keep your home cooler and reduce the need to use your air conditioner.

Block Out Sunlight to Prevent Excessive Usage of Your Air Conditioner

Sunlight can be a major problem for homes with a lot of windows, and this is because sunlight coming in will bring up the temperature inside. While natural light can be quite nice, on extremely hot days, you can benefit from drapes, blinds, or blackout curtains to prevent sunlight from making it excessively warm.

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