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Appliance Repair Tips: Don’t Forget to Properly Clean Your Dishwasher and Washing Machine

Samsung Appliance Repair team discuss cleaning.

Samsung Appliance Repair

Appliance Repair Tips: Don’t Forget to Properly Clean Your Dishwasher and Washing Machine
Samsung Appliance Repair

When it comes to appliance cleaning, the focus usually falls on the stove and refrigerator, leaving the dishwasher and washing machine to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, doing so can have an ill effect on the performance of both machines. Provided below are 2 methods that will help you clean both appliances without breaking into a sweat.  When needed, call Samsung appliance repair near me to help.


Like all the major appliances in your home, your dishwasher needs a good cleaning. Food particles from dirty plates and bowls can accumulate on the bottom of your dishwasher’s tub and around the door gasket if you neglect to clean the appliance. A build-up of debris can cause your dishwasher to acquire an unsavory smell that can quickly invade your entire kitchen. Luckily, performing a few easy cleaning techniques can prevent that from happening.

  • Using an old toothbrush and warm soapy water, thoroughly scrub any food away that is stuck to the dishwasher’s door gasket. Be sure to remove all loosened debris off the door seal with a wet cloth before moving on to the next step.

  • Extract the bottom rack from your appliance and take a look at your dishwasher’s drain. Check for any foreign objects that could end up clogging the drain or damaging the pump. Appliance repair technicians often find broken glass and bits of bones, so keep an eye out and be careful when wiping around the area.

  • Running a wash cycle with only a cup of white vinegar placed on the top rack is a great way to get rid of food particles from the tub while also eliminating any unpleasant odors. If you want to skip the vinegar, you can sprinkle a cup of baking soda on the bottom of your appliance’s tub and run a wash cycle.

Washing Machine 

Cleaning your top loading washing machine should definitely be on your to-do list. Fortunately, the process of sanitizing and freshening up your washer is quite simple and doesn’t take much time at all.  When the washer is casing issues, Call Samsung appliance repair near me to assist.

  • The only two ingredients you’ll need is white vinegar and baking soda. The vinegar removes any mold or mildew and its acidity helps get rid of soap scum build-up. The baking soda also eradicates soap scum, and it has the added benefit of deodorizing the machine.

  • Begin the process by setting your washing machine to its largest wash cycle with hot water. There should be no clothing in the appliance during this cleaning procedure. Next, allow the tub to fill and then pour in 3 cups of vinegar. Before adding the baking soda, let the washer agitate for a minute or two, so the vinegar can mix into the water. Now add the baking soda and run the machine for a few minutes.

  • At this point, stop the wash cycle and leave the mixture sitting in the appliance for an hour. While you’re waiting, dip a clean cloth in the hot water and clean off the top of your washer.

  • Once the hour has passed, resume the wash cycle and allow the water to completely drain from your machine. When all the water is gone your appliance should smell fresh and look sparkling clean.

If you’ve noticed a decline in the performance of one of your appliances, please contact us at SoBellas Appliance Repair, and we’ll be happy to help with all your Samsung Appliance repair issues.

Washer Repair team look into stains.

Washer Repair Pro’s Tips for Keeping Designer Dresses Free of Winter Stains. Call Samsung appliance repair near me for all you service needs.

The winter season is tailor made for sexy designer dresses, sunless tanning sessions, holiday parties and more. Unfortunately, many of those ultra enjoyable activities can also leave your evening wear looking frightful. With that said, our washer repair pros wanted to share a few tips on avoiding common winter stains.

Sun Tanning Stains

One of the best ways to avoid having sun tanning stains appear onto your designer dresses is to plan ahead. Depending on the product used, it could take many hours for your sun tan to fully process. Thus, you should be sure to wait at least 24 hours after an airbrush tanning session before donning your designer dresses. The same rule applies if you opt to use sunless tanning lotions, creams or gels. While you are waiting for the 24 hour period to elapse, consider wearing old, loosely-fitting, black colored clothing around the house. That way, any unsightly stains that may occur won’t show up so prominently.

Sweat and Deodorant Stains

Aaah the dreaded armpit stains! They are truly one holiday bane that we can all do without. The good news is that high quality dress shields can help protect your designer dresses from a serious case of “armpit icky”. You can typically purchase the shields through clothing related retailers for around $10 a box. If your designer outfit is not suitable for use with dress shields, using a quick-drying, residue free deodorant or antiperspirant may help too.

Red/Rose Wine Stains

Red and rose wine stains are another holiday mishap that we can all do without. The way that they should be handled will depend on which materials were used in your outfit’s creation. For dry clean only items, consider blotting the damaged area with an absorbent cloth. Then turn the designer dress over to a competent dry cleaner as soon as possible. If the designer dress is machine washable, use the blotting method mentioned previously along with a presoak treatment. Afterward, wash the designer dress before the stain has a chance to set.

Of course if you find yourself faced with a broken washer during the winter months too, remember that you can count on our appliance repair pros to set things right again. To find out more about our washer repair, please contact us at (915) 585-2811

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Appliance Repair Dishwasher Maintenance Tips to Keep the Grime Off Your Dinner Plates

Samsung Appliance Repair and the dirty dishwasher.

Appliance repair

Dirty dishwashers

Are your supposedly clean plates coming out of your dishwasher grimy or covered in dry food or are you finding puddles of water on your floor. Before jumping to the conclusion that your dishwasher is in need of an appliance repair company, take the time to perform these simple dishwasher maintenance tips. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised when you’re able to solve the problem on your own.

  • If you’ve noticed water leaking onto the floor from your dishwasher, you may be dealing with two very common issues. A dishwasher that is not level is likely to be the problem. Luckily, leveling the appliance is not a complicated task. By simply adjusting the dishwashers front legs, you can stop further leakage from occurring. If your appliance is level and you continue to find water on your floor, check the dishwasher’s door gasket. If the gasket is cracked or dried food is stuck to it, your appliance may not be closing properly. You should clean the gasket regularly, to ensure your dishwasher’s door seals tightly. If you do find cracks in the door gasket, you will need to replace it.
  • A dishwasher’s filtration system needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Debris from plates that haven’t been rinsed get caught in the filter, and prevent the appliance from performing properly. If you are unsure of where the filter is located, your dishwasher’s manual will provide you with the correct information. Cleaning and inspecting the filter is easy. Once you’ve removed it, look closely at the filter to see if you can find any holes. If you do spot holes, you may need to replace the filter. To clean the filter, simply hold it under running water.
  • Spray arms dispense water during the wash cycle. The small holes located on the arms can easily become clogged by debris from food. Check the holes often for any blockages. If you find an obstruction, remove it from the hole to ensure your dishwasher can operate correctly.
  • Wiping down the interior of your appliance with liquid dishwashing soap and water once a month can help rid the appliance of debris and soap scum build-up. You can also run your dishwasher on a normal cycle with no detergent and two cups of vinegar on the lower rack to give it an intensive cleaning.

Unfortunately, the need for professional dishwasher repair cannot always be prevented. If you’ve performed all necessary maintenance and your appliance is still uncooperative, please contact us at SoBellas Appliance Repair. We offer same day services and have helped over 35,000 customers in the last 37 years.

Samsung Appliance Repair discuss the history of the dishwasher.

Samsung Appliance Repair

Appliance Repair: A Sparkling Clean Look at Dishwasher History
Samsung Appliance Repair

Over the years, there have been songs, books, newspaper articles and even magazines dedicated to dishwashers. Some of them, like Pete Jordan’s tome DISHWASHER: One Man’s Quest to Wash Dishes in All Fifty States, focused on the people behind the suds. Others spotlighted the people involved in the machine’s actual creation. In today’s post, our appliance repair team wanted to take a quick look at the dishwashers’ inventors:

Prior to the 1800s, people washed dishes by hand. Once the 1800s rolled around, individuals started looking for ways to free themselves from the burdensome household task. Enter one native New Yorker by the name of Joel Houghton. In 1850, Houghton was an inventor living in Monroe County, New York. He came up with the first version of a dishwashing machine. He called it the Table Furniture Cleaning Machine and quickly applied for a patent. You can still find it listed in the U.S. Patent Office (No. 7,365). Unfortunately for him and his family, it didn’t attract much attention.

According to Lynn G. Gref’s book, The Rise and Fall of American Technology, others quickly followed in Houghton’s footsteps. The only one that truly experienced commercial success was Ohio native, Josephine Cochrane. She patented her human powered machine in the winter of 1886 and eventually started her own manufacturing company. It produced dish washers for commercial and industrial use.

Once the 1920s arrived, people started working on inventing electric powered dishwashers. The first successful one was said to have been created by an Englishman named William H. Livens. He was a multi-talented, military man known for inventing many things, including WW I weaponry.

After his contribution to dishwashing history, companies like Miele, GE, Kenmore and the Hydro-Electric Manufacturing Company started selling models of their own. That’s what eventually led to the development of all of the different types of dishwashers that our SoBellas Samsung appliance repair team encounters to this day.

Speaking of which, our SoBellas’ appliance repair team is capable of fixing everything from under-the-counter and drawer dishwashers to countertop and freestanding ones. So there is no need for Texans to ever call any other appliance repair company. Our guys and gals can out service them all. To find out more, please contact a member of our Samsung appliance repair team.

appliance repair

The Advantages of Professional Appliance Repair

Samsung Appliance Repair with SoBellas, what the advantage?

appliance repair

Samsung Appliance Repair

Many people prefer to “do-it-themselves” when they are faced with what appears to be a seemingly simple appliance problem. However, in most cases, it is still much more beneficial to seek professional help with Samsung appliance repair instead of a do-it-yourself approach, for several important reasons:

  1. Safety. The number one concern for undertaking any sort of hands-on project is safety. Many amateurs are not well-versed in safety training and the potential hazards of repair. As a result, many people may accidentally injure themselves through ways like electrical shock, burns, muscle straining or pulling, or the falling of heavy objects. Professionals are specifically brought up through years of education and experience to know how to avoid such dangers. It’s never worth the pain and possible medical bills of doing something yourself over your safety.
  2. Quality. Unless you yourself are an expert in repairing and maintaining appliances, it’s unlikely that you can do a better job of fixing a refrigerator or washing machine than the guys at SoBellas  Appliance Repair. Even if you understand and follow detailed, step-by-step instructions from a manual on how to fix a broken dryer, there are endless subtleties and possibilities that could occur that the untrained amateur has no way of detecting. A certain loosened screw, an opening too large – it’s very difficult to tell if something is considered normal or not, when you have not been as extensively trained in such matters as has a professional.
  3. Time. If you enjoy fixing things yourself, then perhaps these types of projects aren’t so bad for you. However, it’s undeniable that repair always involves a huge time commitment – meaning hours spent rereading instructions from a manual, gathering and possibly having to buy the right tools, instead of focusing on other matters that might hold greater priority, like your current job or family. Professionals are trained to recognize the problem, have the tools immediately on hand, and get the job done fast and efficiently, leaving you with little-to-no stress and more time for leisure activities like that one episode of CSI you so watched to watch.
  4. Money. The reason many people prefer to do-it-themselves instead of seek professional help at first is fear of handing over their wallet. But in the end, cost-benefit analyses show that seeking professionals is likely to save money. For instance, if you try to repair an appliance but do a poor job of it, it is likely to create further, more major problems that an amateur cannot fix. Consequently, the costs would be even more expensive to repair than it would’ve been in the first place. Furthermore, even if the product is fixed, the solution may only be temporary; the problem may be indicative of a more serious, long-term defect with your appliance. Professional repairmen are dedicated to helping maintain your appliance in its top shape, and many offer warranties in case of any dissatisfaction with their work. In fact, we at SoBellas offer a 1 year, 100% satisfaction guarantee warranty; if the same problem occurs with your appliance that you paid for us to repair, we will return and fix it without any additional charge.

This isn’t to say that doing-it-yourself is bad in any way. In fact, we have a troubleshooting guide here for any do-it-yourself-er’s who want some guidance on certain appliances. Nevertheless, for your own safety, time, and for the quality and state of your appliances, it may be more advantageous to consider seeking professional help instead of doing-it-yourself for certain repairs. So please don’t hesitate to call us or contact us if you have any questions or any problems with your appliances. We are here to keep you safe, save you time, and make you happy!

Samsung Appliance repair pros discuss repair vs. replace.

Should I repair or replace my refrigerator?
appliance repair

When it comes to the kitchen, the refrigerator is arguably one of its most important parts. It keeps your frozen food cold and your perishable food from spoiling before you have a chance to use it. A good refrigerator will work quietly in the background for years, but (like most appliances) it will eventually break down and need to be repaired or replaced entirely.

Here are five questions you will need to answer when your refrigerator is not working the way it should be and you are trying to decide whether to repair it or replace it:

What type of refrigerator do you have?
How old is your refrigerator?
How energy-efficient is your refrigerator?
How often does your refrigerator need to be repaired?
How much are the repairs on your refrigerator going to cost and how much more will it cost for you to replace it?
What type of refrigerator do you have?

Believe it or not, the type of refrigerator you have should be a consideration in the decision to repair or replace it. Some types are just harder and more expensive to repair. If your refrigerator has an ice maker, for example, it is more likely to need repairs sooner than a refrigerator without one.

How old is your refrigerator?

It is generally recommended that you replace your refrigerator every 10-20 years, depending on the condition it is running in. However, some types of refrigerators need to be repaired and/or replaced more frequently than that.

The age at which you should consider replacing your refrigerator can also be affected by its configuration. Consumer Reports recommends the following timelines, based on your refrigerator’s configuration:

Built-in refrigerator – consider replacing it after 10 years
Side-by-sides – consider replacing it after 5 years
Bottom-freezers – consider replacing it after 7 years
Top-freezers – consider replacing it after 3 years, definitely replace after 7 years

How energy-efficient is your refrigerator?

Refrigerators that need to be repaired are not among the most energy-efficient of appliances in your home. Something you will want to consider along with the age and type of your refrigerator is how much power it is using. This could be an indicator that your refrigerator needs repairs, if not replacement.

How often does the refrigerator need to be repaired?

Think about all of the times your refrigerator has had problems and you had called a repairman in to fix it. Typically, a refrigerator will need more repairs as it gets older, and those repairs will get more expensive. At some point, the cost of repairs will outweigh the benefit of keeping the old refrigerator up and running.

How much are the repairs on your refrigerator going to cost and how much more will it cost for you to replace it?

You probably will not know exact repair costs until a repairman comes out to assess the problem, but the repair cost should definitely be a consideration. If your refrigerator is still under warranty and your refrigerator’s issue is covered by that warranty, then having the repairs done is a logical decision. Warranties do expire, though, and the lack of warranty coverage together with the types of repairs that will be needed as your refrigerator ages could make replacement a more sensible option from a financial standpoint.


At the end of the day, the decision to repair or replace your refrigerator is up to you. If you need someone to look at your refrigerator and help you make that determination, contact us today. Our technicians are factory-trained, the service call is free with any repair work we do, and we will always give you an estimate before we do any work.