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What to Do Before Calling for Air Conditioning Repair in El Paso

Before Calling for Air Conditioning Repair

In El Paso, the air conditioning is an important part of your daily routine. When the AC can’t keep up, you start to think pretty quickly about repairs. Air conditioning repair can save your home from high power bills and your family from high temperatures, but many people want to do a little DIY investigation before investing in a professional repair. And you should!

As a professional HVAC team, our SoBellas technicians will encourage homeowners to investigate the issue before calling. A little troubleshooting can save you the trip, provide better information for your technician, or give you more wiggle room to comfortably schedule a repair.

1) Cycle the Thermostat

Convert to refrigerated air conditioning

Turn the AC fully off, wait 30 seconds, and then turn it back on. You can also try switching through a few different modes in your thermostat. This can cause the control system to recalibrate and may restore your AC’s correct functionality. Cycling the thermostat is a good starting step if your AC air isn’t cold enough or if the automatic mode keeps cycling on and off again.

2) Check or Change Your Air Filter to avoid Air Conditioning Repair

Next, take a look at your air filter. Forgetting one or two changes can result in a completely clogged filter, which can reduce the performance of your entire HVAC system. Peek and see if your filter is clogged or check your calendar to see the last replacement. If the filter is dirty, swap it out for a new AC filter of the correct size and MERV filtration rating for your AC unit.

3) Turn the AC Off for 30 Minutes

In the summertime, a dusty AC can capture cold and actually ice over inside the unit. If this happens, your AC may stop working or start blowing hot air. When this happens, you can restore your AC back to working order by letting it thaw for a few minutes. Switch off the AC unit and wait about half an hour while the coils thaw in the accumulating heat.

Then switch your AC back on and see if the vents soon begin blowing cool air again.

4) Check the Utility Closet

Take a quick look into the utility closet or space where the AC unit is housed. A cursory, even if you have no appliance skills, can sometimes tell you if something is wrong. Sweep dust bunnies out of the space, wipe down the outside of the unit, and check for exposed wires, signs of pooling condensation, and other detectable signs of a problem.

5) Listen and Sniff

In the utility space and through your home, trust your senses. Listen to the sounds made by your AC and smell the air. A musty smell can mean mold in the vents, ducts, or unit. A burning smell can mean exposed and scorching wires. A banging sound can mean icing coils or a broken blower fan blade.

6) The 20-Degree Margin

In El Paso, it’s important to know that your AC can typically only handle about a 20-degree difference from outside. If it’s over 100 outside, an indoor temp in the 80s is reasonable performance. Shady trees can give you an extra 5 to 10 degrees of cool on the shaded side of the house. If your AC can’t keep up, but has reached about a 20-degree cooling difference, that is the rated performance.

When to Call for Air Conditioning Repair

When you’ve done all your troubleshooting steps, you will have a clearer idea of when to call for air conditioning repairs. You may have found that the thermostat needed batteries or a quick reset, and everything is fine. Or you may have discovered that your AC needs repair – but you won a few more days or weeks of cooling before it’s an emergency. If you smell burning or your AC’s performance does not restore, contact us for an ASAP air conditioning repair service. If your AC is limping along, let us know and we’ll find a convenient time for a tune-up.

The guys in the yellow booties are here for all your air conditioner repair needs, along with expert swamp cooler conversions.  Look to the pros if you have any questions about converting to refrigerated air conditioning with SoBellas.  Call us with questions like, how much does refrigerated air cost or anything about refrigerated air conversion.

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