AC installation Las Cruces and refrigerated air conversions

How would you like to take advantage of affordable AC installation in Las Cruces? Our SoBellas Home Services AC technicians can make it possible, if you act quickly. Although our prices are always affordable, $250 to $700 in refrigerated cooling deals are on offer through the end of the month for refrigerated air conversion Las Cruces. Thus, if you purchase the right air conditioning system before the program’s funds run out, you could potentially save more than initially expected for a new AC installation.

There are more than 10 different system types included in the savings program. Most are for central air conditioning systems. However, central and heat pump systems are part of the program too. The highest savings typically go to consumers that purchase what’s known as tier two systems. They often feature EER ratings that are 11.5 or better. If you like to choose air conditioning systems based on SEER ratings, we’d recommend choosing one that is listed at 17 or higher. Tier one systems tend to have lower ratings on both accounts.

We’ll help anyone in our service area that asks for assistance with AC installation find a residential cooling system that is both perfect and certified by the Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute.

Central AC Repair in Las Cruces

It’s no secret that allergies has been wreaking havoc all across Texas as of late. If you live anywhere near El Paso, all you really have to do is look out your window or check out the headlines for confirmation. The good news is SoBellas Home Services’s central AC repair pros can help Las Cruces families find some much needed relief.

At SoBellas Home Services, our central AC repair pros can make sure that your home’s air conditioning system is clean and working properly. As a result, the cold air and filters will help keep the pollen at bay. Of course we aren’t the only ones that believe as much. The Mayo Clinic’s experts also readily admit that such actions can go a long way in helping seasonal allergy sufferers survive the onslaught.

In addition to providing routine maintenance, we can also equip Texans’ central AC units with an ultraviolet purifier. For those that may have never heard of ultraviolet purifiers, they are very adept at improving indoor air quality. That’s because the high intensity UVC/UVV lamps that are incorporated into the system minimize the amount of volatile organic compounds, viruses, bacteria, chemical and biological odors in the air.

With all of that said, we heartily encourage all Texans that are tired of saying AACHOO! to give our central A/C repair pros a call. We can truly help allergy sufferers overcome the pollen blues. To find out more, call 915-348-4999 and ask to speak with a member of our central A/C repair team today.

With that said, to speak with a SoBellas Home Services AC installation expert about refrigerated cooling savings and refrigerated air conditioning, please contact us straightaway. All service requests may be conveniently made through our company’s website.

Air Conditioner Repair Las Cruces best practices.

Using a central air conditioner in Las Cruces is a great way to cool your home down when it’s hot outside, but when it stops working, you may consider your alternatives, such as installing a window air conditioning unit.

Although a window unit can provide the cooling you want and need, there are several reasons why you should invest in central air conditioner repair in Las Cruces instead. SoBellas Home Services can help with any repair you might need and help with all the information you might need for refrigerated air conversion.

No Need to Worry About Sealing

While there are energy-efficient window air conditioners that you can buy, one of their main problems is that sealing the surrounding area is challenging, and lackluster sealing leads to warm air getting inside.

Lack of a Sweating Unit

In order to filter humidity and cool down a room, a window unit will often sweat, which is especially the case when it is forced to work really hard by setting it at a low temperature.

Also, when sweating occurs, moisture inadvertently gets into the home.

The Most Efficient Option

If you intend on cooling down a large home or a two-level home, you will need at least two window units, and this is when a central air conditioning unit is easily the most efficient option. Attempting to cool down a home with several window units will usually cause some rooms to be cooler than others, but using central air provides an ideal balance, which also helps to reduce overall usage.

While a window unit is certainly a band-aid on the cooling problem, you are better off getting air conditioner repair to get your central air working again and providing efficient cooling. If your still using those nasty swamp coolers or relying on a window unit, give us a call to we can discuss swamp cooler conversions. Most of your neighbors might have already converted. Ask them what they think about the new AC unit and the process for converting to refrigerated air conditioning.

Contact us in Las Cruces to schedule an appointment for inspecting your broken central air conditioning unit. Dont sit through another hot Las Cruces night, call the guys in the yellow booties for all your air conditioning repair needs. Or call for a free estimate to convert to refrigerated air.

The guys in the yellow booties are here for all your air conditioner repair needs, along with expert swamp cooler conversions. Look to the pros if you have any questions about converting to refrigerated air conditioning with SoBellas Home Services of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Call us with questions like, how much does refrigerated air cost or anything about Las Cruces refrigerated air conversion.

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