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Peace Of Mind: Automatic, annual inspection, lubricating, adjusting and cleaning of your heating and cooling system keeps it running at peak, trouble free efficiency. Potential problems are spotted before they can cause trouble. Our service brings your equipment back to factory specifications.

Trained Technicians: Competent, trained, dependable staff of experts will perform service on your equipment when necessary. Our technicians are trained and certified by the leading manufacturers in our industry.

Preferred Treatment: Should you need service, our Customer Care Club customers are given PREFERRED treatment when they do have a problem. We service our POLICY holders first.

  • 24/7 Smart Remote Monitoring for AC, Heating, Air Filters and Water leaks
  • Free Hardware and Installation (includes 3 sensors per unit)
  • Priority Scheduling
  • No Evaluation Fees or Trip Charges
  • No Holiday Charges
  • 10% Discount on Repairs (parts and labor)
  • 5% Discount on New Equipment
  • $UP to $300 Sign-Up Bonus Loyalty Credit Plus $10 Monthly Credit* (applicable to equipment purchases, monitored equipment only)
  • Routine AC-Heating System maintenance (customized as needed)

We roll a truck when your SmartAC detects a problem

Why do you need SoBellas Home Services and our annual maintenance?

You rely on your air conditioner to keep your home cool, particularly in the hot summer months. Unfortunately, when you don’t take good care of your unit, it is more likely to break down, causing you to need air conditioner repair. As soon as you identify a problem in the way your unit operates, it is important to call for help right away for several reasons.

Keep Costs Low

If you wait until your air conditioner stops working altogether, you will be facing expensive repairs. This is why it is so important to pay close attention to how your unit operates. Whenever something occurs that is out of the ordinary, contact the professionals right away so you can get it fixed before it becomes a major repair. This will keep your repair costs down.

Save Energy

One of the most important reasons you need to get regular air conditioner maintenance is to save energy. An inefficient unit will use more energy, which isn’t good for the environment or your wallet. A qualified repairman can quickly identify the problem with your unit and get it back in working condition so you can save on energy.Customer care club

Extend equipment life.

  • Reduce costly breakdowns.
  • Reduce utility bills by up to 25%.
  • Improve comfort, reliability and safety.

The number one reason that heating and air conditioning systems fail is improper maintenance. Your air conditioning and heating systems along with your kitchen and laundry appliances needs to be maintained regularly to ensure it is operating at its maximum capacity. Improper maintenance can lead to costly system failure and major safety issues. Without proper cleaning and tuning, a furnace can lose up to 16 percent of its efficiency and air conditioners can lose up to 30 percent efficiency. Refrigerators run constantly, washers start to smell, dishwashers lose cleaning capacity, dryers pose fire hazards and ovens get off temperature.

SoBellas Home Services offer customers an exclusive Planned Maintenance Agreement (PMA) designed to safeguard against improper maintenance, neglect, and ultimately equipment failure.

For more information on how being a member of our Customer Care Club can benefit you, your family and your home, just give us a call.

Plans start at just $18.00 per month

Air Conditioning & Heating:

  • Clean & Tune Burner Assembly
  • Clean Ignition
  • Clean & Inspect Furnace Heat Exchanger
  • Test Carbon Monoxide/Gas leak
  • Calibrate Thermostat
  • Test Temp difference Sup/Ret
  • Test Capacitors Contacts and Relays
  • Test Crankcase Heaters
  • Inspect & Test Controls & Safeties
  • Adjust Fan Switch
  • Check Safety of entire system
  • Clean or Replace Filters supplied by customer
  • Inspect Blower Assembly
  • Check Air Flow
  • Visually Inspect Ductwork
  • Tighten Electrical Connections
  • Lubricate All Moving Parts
  • Clean Outside Condensing Coil
  • Flush Condensate Drains and check pump
  • Check for proper voltage
  • Clean, lubricate and adjust pulleys and belts
  • Adjust float assembly
  • Check and adjust water flow
  • Clean/scrape swamp cooler
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