Call to switch your old, leaking swamp cooler over to cool, fresh refrigerated air conditioning

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Are you dreading the hot temperatures? Worried that your swamp cooler will not be able to cool your home? Is it time to convert to refrigerated air conditioning?

Is your cooler leaking down your roof causing white stains? If you’ve been thinking about refrigerated air conditioning or central air conditioning but curious how much it is to convert to refrigerated air you’ve come to the right place.

Have you dealt with unbearably hot temperatures in your home because of a broken-down system? If you answered “yes” or painstakingly nodded your head just now, converting may be the right option. The alternative risk is dealing with a broken-down system during the hottest time of year—again.

But now, who do you call, what questions do you ask? Anyone can put some boxes on your roof, but who will be there when you need them? How long will it take, who will be in my house? Will they make a mess, will they clean up? Are they licensed and will they pull permits if required? Its not just about price, its about who will do the work and will they be there if you need them.