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    washer and dryer Is your washer walking across the room? Is it leaking on your floor or wont drain out the water? Does the washer sound like an airplane is taking off in your laundry room? If so, you might need a top rated appliance repair technician. If you want someone to stand behind their work and send you a certified and trained tech, call the guys in the yellow booties are ready for any type of washer repair

    It doesn’t matter what type of washer repair issues you may be having, or which age, brand, or model of washer machine you have, we can assist you. We aim to deliver exemplary washing machine repair service on each and every in-house service call.

    We are proud of our history of satisfied customers and would love for you to become one of them. Call us right away if you want exceptional service or replacement of parts in El Paso, TX.

    With the help from the guys in the yellow booties, say good-bye to your washer repair issues and the mounds of dirty laundry. You can help protect your family from potential Maytag washer repair problems by performing regular washer maintenance. We would be glad to replace your washing machine parts, diagnose your machine issues, and deliver all other types of appliance repair service in El Paso, TX and the surrounding cities.

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    Today’s high efficient clothes washers require today’s training and technology. Our certified washer machine technicians are fully equipped to handle all of your advanced appliance front load washer repair needs in El Paso and we have the knowledge of all the new high end and high efficient washing machines and especially the front load washers and dryers sold today like Samsung, Maytag repair and LG along with all the domestic appliance top load brands on the market. Non wrinkle dryers and steam washer dryers from GE require a whole new approach to training and repair.

    Whether you’re looking for washing machine maintenance, washer repair, or just need a little help, SoBellas Home Services can help. We’re your best, most-trusted option for fast, quick, and easy El Paso service, repair, and maintenance of your washer or washing machine. Whether your washing machine is leaking, your washer won’t start, or your washing machine smells bad, we’ll send the best washer and washing machine service technicians in the business. Technicians that are highly trained, licensed, vetted, nearby, and guaranteed to help fix all of your washer and washing machine needs. We have technicians that are always just around the corner that can help you no matter what your appliance emergency.

    Studies have shown that the average American family does close to 400 loads of laundry a year—which means a broken top load washing machine is a big inconvenience. If its making noise or leaking water, give SoBellas Home Services a call today.

    Washing Machine Repair & Service

    Washer Repair El Paso Technicians – Quality You Can Trust

    Most households get to enjoy the convenience of having a washing machine installed in the laundry room. Having piles of dirty clothes and linens taken care of so efficiently can often be taken for granted—that is until this modern convenience breaks down and leaves you with loads of laundry to sort out on your own. As soon as you notice problems with your washing machine, you need to schedule repairs right away! Whether your washing machine won’t drain, won’t spin, or it simply won’t turn on, SoBellas Home Services can provide regular service or emergency repairs to address any issues that may occur. Look to the guys in the yellow booties for all your washing machine needs.

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    Large appliances or small appliances, our services cater to all kinds of appliances regardless of their models, makes, types, features, year of fabrication or brands. Servicing all doesn’t mean focusing on none since each member of our team is specialized in a different kind of appliance or in a specific brand.

    We never realize how much we rely on our appliances until one of them breaks down at the worst time. Picture throwing a load of dirty clothes in the washer and when you go to put them in the dryer you find that your washing machine is filled with water. We are here for our customers in situations like these, when you need washer repair and we do our best to get you up and running the very same day. Call a company that you can trust with your washer repair and has a track record of success.

    Common Washing Machine Problems

    Washer is not starting
    Sometimes when you are lucky this problem can be the result of a tripped breaker switch or a faulty wall outlet. A simple test that can be performed without a trained technician is to plug in a small electric appliance such as a hair dryer into the wall socket, if it turns on then the problem is not an electrical issue. Washers with this type problem can have a few different problems like the following: washer main control board, thermal fuse, burnt wiring harness, etc.

    Washer is leaking water
    Washers with this type of failure are very common and any one of the following failures could be the cause. Washer water valve, washer drain pump assembly, washer water supply hoses, internal cabinet hoses or washer center tub seals.

    Washer agitator is not working
    When a washer agitator is not working there are a few common failures that are usually the culprit. The washers interlock switch, motor control, TPS sensor, coupler, lid switch, and main control board among other items.

    Washer is not draining
    When this problem occurs the problem can be caused by the following failures. Failed drain pump or clogged drain pump impeller, clogged drain hose, power supply from the control board to the pump or washer timer.

    Washer is not spinning
    When the washer is not spinning the cause is usually due to the water not draining out properly. Here is a list of the common types of failures for this problem. Lid switch, washer Interlock, washer coupler, washer belt or pulley, washer drain pump, clogged water drain hose, motor control board, main control board.

    Washer timer is not advancing
    This problem is usually only caused by a couple of different failures, the Washer timer has an internal failure or possibly and interlock failure or burnt wiring harness.

    Washer is not balanced and moves
    Casters or washer legs were not locked down during the original installation, this is a very common occurrence and over time they will come loose. This can cause an imbalance condition that requires the caster be reset and locked down. Other problems can be loose or broken shocks and springs.

    Washer door is not unlocking
    Sometimes when a signal from the main control board is not sent to the washer door lock switch it will not unlock. The door lock switch if it is receiving the signal but does not respond would need to be replaced.

    Washer is not filling
    This can be caused by a faulty or restricted water supply hose or a faulty washer water valve.

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