Even with a well-maintained heating system, it’s necessary to schedule heat pump services in El Paso, TX or the surrounding area. Over time, components in a heat pump wear out and hinder the transfer of warm air into or out of your home.

Fortunately, there are several signs that a heat pump can throw out to alert its owner of an impending heat pump repair. One sign lies in the length of a cycle.

If your system shuts down before 10 minutes are up and doesn’t even reach your set point, there’s something wrong. Likewise, systems that run for well over 20 minutes without doing their job have an issue as well.

Loud noises during operation also indicate a problem. These can range from banging and rattling, which could be the result of a loose screw or out-of-balance fan blade, to hissing or whistling, which can come about when there’s an air leak or refrigerant leak.

Musty odors are another possible sign and usually mean that the condensate drain line has clogged and let water pool and develop mold.