Maintain Your Refrigerator in El Paso to avoid appliance repair

Your refrigerator door gets an incredible amount of use. SoBellas Home Services Appliance Repair wants to look at From before-work breakfast snagging to midnight snacks and all the meals in between, you are constantly opening and closing the door to your refrigerator. And each time, it needs to close with a complete and perfect seal between the refrigerated compartments to efficiently keep the cold air inside.

This is achieved with a rubber gasket that is attached around the outer edge of the door. The gaskets do eventually wear out, but you can significantly increase your gasket’s lifespan and performance with just a small amount of attentive care. In many cases, just paying attention to your refrigerator door gasket can ensure that it lasts for years longer and offers a better seal. Call on SoBellas Home Services for all your needs.

Wipe It Down – SoBellas Home Services

When grime builds up on your gasket seal, it’s no surprise that the seal quality is low. Anything getting in the seal’s contact with the refrigerator door pocket can reduce the quality and efficiency of your seal.

A little bit of soap and water is all you need to keep your refrigerator gasket clean. Just use quick swipe from your sink sponge. If there is anything sticky or crusty, especially on the inner edge, be sure to scrub it off so your future wipe-downs will be quick and easy.

Keep the Fridge Exterior Clean – Appliance Repair

Drips on the fridge itself can get your gasket dirty and reduce its effectiveness. Try to keep your refrigerator clean by wiping the exterior down at least once a week. Again, a soapy sponge or a cleaner-soaked paper towel are all you need to make sure your refrigerator outside is not dirtying the seal that protects the refrigerator insides.

Go After Hidden Gunk

Check all the way around your refrigerator gasket seal at least twice a year. This involves lifting it up to check the underside and the inner grooves that are normally not visible to the casual observing eye. Firmly make use of your soapy sponge to scrub away any hidden grit, grime, and gunk stuck to the seal on the inside or outside surfaces. Over time, food and grit on the rubber can reduce it’s effectiveness or even cause pitting or warping that can require a full replacement.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

If something spills in a way that touches the gasket seal, you’ll want to clean it up immediately. A layer of sticky juice, for example, can form a ‘candied’ sticky coating that will cause the seal to stick when it closes, but actually decreases the quality and efficiency of the seal. Any spill that touches the gasket should be quickly wiped up and polished before you move on to your next task,

Treat with Petroleum Jelly

There is also a lesser-known trick for drastically improving the lifespan of your gasket so you won’t have to replace it any time soon. Over time, a rubber gasket loses moisture and becomes hard rather than soft and recognizably rubbery. More like a hard bouncy ball than a sealing gasket. If you notice your refrigerator gasket becoming hard and inflexible, this can seriously decrease the quality of your seal and you may notice your refrigerator doesn’t stick closed anymore.

The solution is petroleum jelly, of any brand. Just a tiny dab run along the length and entire surface of the seal can work wonders at restoring its moisture and capability. Do not glob on the jelly. instead, use a finger or a paper towel to wipe a thin layer all the way around the seal. You will notice an improvement in texture and seal quality immediately. Do this once a year and your seal gasket may last as long as the refrigerator itself.

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