AC tune up in Las Cruces before summer

Your air conditioning unit may be one of the last things on your mind when the weather outside is chilly, but it’s a good idea to focus on maintenance before summer comes around and get an AC Tune Up Las Cruces of one of the many local air conditioning companies. By making any repairs to your AC unit in Las Cruces before you need to rely on it, you can prevent any uncomfortable situations and even save money since heating and cooling air conditioner repair businesses won’t be as busy.

Disconnect the AC Unit

The first step to taking care of your air conditioning unit is through disconnecting it entirely. You want to make sure that the unit won’t cause an injury, so it needs to be powered off before removing the front plate and doing any maintenance.

Change Your Air Filter

Air filters are responsible for trapping dust and other allergens when cooling down your home. The filter is often the reason for the unit not being as efficient as possible, making routine changes so important.

Inspect the Unit for Any Wear

After the filter has been replaced, you’ll need to examine the interior of the unit for any obvious signs of wear. If you notice any damage, you’ll definitely need to call in professionals to take care of the repairs.

Clean the Air Conditioner Coils

The coils do most of the work with cooling your home, so they’ll need to be cleaned regularly. The best method for cleaning these coils is through spraying them down with compressed air to blow away dust.

Heating Repair In Las Cruces

There’s nothing worse than the heater going out in the middle of a cold snap. With so many possible reasons your heaters gone on the fritz, though, it’s hard to tell just when you’ll need to call in a heating repair expert or air conditioning repair professional.

If your AC’s stopped working, or isn’t working quite how it should be, these might be the reason why you need heating repair :

Faulty Wiring: Bad wiring can easily cause problems with your heater. Improperly wired heating units can fail to draw power, or draw enough power. Additionally, it’s entirely possible that bad wiring can pose a potential fire hazard. If your AC has faulty wiring, you should contact a professional heater repair service immediately.

Low Refrigerant Levels: Air conditioners work by pulling outside air through pipes of refrigerant to cool the air before it’s blown into your home. If your refrigerant levels are low, though, your AC won’t be cooling air as efficiently as it should. This could be because of a leak in the refrigerant system.

Outside Unit Not Working: The outside unit houses much of an AC’s working parts, so any number of problems here can cause issues with your heating system. Whether the fan is broken or the unit isn’t getting enough power, the outside unit is typically where the problem can be found and addressed.

SoBellas Home Services works hard to keep your Las Cruces home warm all winter and keep heating repair out of your mind. Between our highly trained and professional staff and our 1 Year 100% guarantee, you’ll be completely satisfied with our work every time. If you have any problems with your heating unit, or need maintenance done, give us a call today at 915-348-4999.

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