Subzero refrigerator repair Las Cruces share some dangers.

Our SubZero refrigerator repair team in Las Cruces runs across a variety of ice quality problems during the course of an average year. Cubes that have an eerie, green hue are on the list of problems we tend to worry about the most. If you’ve never encountered green ice cubes before, consider yourself fortunate. However, if you’ve noticed them popping out of your appliance as of late, be greatly concerned.

The Halloween-like hue is often caused by an unsafe level of copper. The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension office has published an entire pamphlet about what can happen to people who are exposed to too much copper. The potential results are troubling. So, our SubZero refrigerator repair team urges Las Cruces to read the pamphlet in its entirety. However, for now, the main takeaway to remember is that using green ice and tainted water has the potential to make some people deathly ill.

SubZero refrigerator repair professionals may help lower the amount of copper going into the ice making area by adding filters, cleaning the unit and replacing metal parts. Unfortunately, that will not stop all of the copper minerals from making their way throughout the home. So if circumstances warrant it, the rest of our SoBellas Home Services team may need to intervene as well.

The rest of our superior, SoBellas Home Services team can add stopgap measures to prevent copper from entering the other areas we’ve mentioned. Plus, they are not opposed to working alongside plumbers and water softening experts as a way to render the whole house copper free. For more information about meeting with a SubZero refrigerator repair expert about a copper problem, please contact us. Copper related appointments are available in all of our Texas services areas as well as our Las Cruces New Mexico locations. Additional, appointment setting details are listed online.

Refrigerator Repair Las Cruces takes a look at the rise of desserts.

It’s no secret that as refrigerator repair pros, we spend a lot of time working on kitchen appliances. What some people often forget is that we like to use those appliances too. So this week, we wanted to take a look back at the origins of something near and dear to our collective sweet tooth, icebox desserts.

Believe it or not, the development of icebox desserts may be traced back to the early 1900s, when home refrigerators were in their infancy. It was about that time that women realized just how easy it was to create no-bake desserts and pop them into the fridge until the treats were needed.

Prior to that time, some of easiest desserts to make were charlottes. Just in case you’ve never heard of charlottes before, they are very similar to icebox cakes. The major difference between the two is that charlottes have been around since the early 1800s. Said to have been created by a French chef, the desserts were typically constructed on cool days and eaten straightaway. Ingredients normally used in their creation were jams, whipped cream, custard and ladyfingers. Sound familiar?

Some of the earliest icebox cakes, like the famed Nabisco Zebra, used similar ingredients. However, as the years went on, an increasing number of cake companies got into the act. Together, they came up with a huge variety of icebox goodies including no-bake cheesecakes, gelatin poke cakes, dessert bars, pies and parfaits. Nowadays, families may still enjoy those classic ice box desserts as well as refrigerator oatmeal and other contemporary goodies.

Of course in order to do so they’ll need to have a working refrigerator on hand. And that’s where our skills really shine. At SoBellas Home Services, we have refrigerator repair professionals on staff that can make sure Las Cruces refrigerators are working and ready to hold all the icebox desserts their hearts’ desire. To learn more, please contact us in Las Cruces at 915-348-4999.

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