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Why Did the Government Secretly “Break” Your Home AC System?

Did the Government “Break” Your Home AC System?

I’m sorry to report the statement above is completely true and without exaggeration. Central air conditioning systems that were installed just a few short years ago may soon become totally UN-repairable – all thanks to Uncle Sam.

air conditioning repair

You can never tell what the government is going to
come up with next. One recent law directly impacts
homeowners and their home comfort systems.

A recent government regulation makes your existing air conditioning equipment obsolete and un-fixable.

Why this is so: In January 2010, the U.S. Government banned the use of Freon R-22 refrigerant in new refrigerated air conditioning systems. R-22 has been used in almost EVERY Air Conditioner made for the last 40 years. Replacement refrigerant is INCOMPATIBLE and will not work with any systems using Freon R-22.

What this means to you. Air conditioning equipment manufacturers have stopped making replacement parts for many pre-2010 “orphaned” AC systems. Within a short time, it may become impossible to repair parts of “older” systems: condensers, air handlers, etc. We’ve ALREADY seen this happen. 

What you can do about this…

It’s probably time to consider a replacement before you’re “forced” to make a costly decision. This is a good idea IF: 1) your system was installed more than five years ago, 2) your system has been experiencing ongoing problems, or 3) you just don’t want to risk having un-repairable A/C equipment.

You probably know newer high efficiency systems use less energy than equipment built even a few years ago. (Annual savings in running one of these systems could – over its lifetime – make it absolutely FREE!)

The Silver Lining: THREE WAY SOBELLAS CAN HELP.  If you do choose to upgrade, take advantage of these very attractive savings opportunities available until the end of June:

  • 5% discount off ANY new central air conditioning system we install.
  • $100 trade-in credit. Through June, (whether your old system is working or not) on the purchase of a new energy efficient unit.
  • 10 years of LABOR Warranty. This is EXCLUSIVE to SoBellas Signature Series and covers ANYTHING that could possibly go wrong for a FULL 10 years.

This is how SoBellas is working to enable you to get all the benefits of the latest cooling technology … and avoid the risk of having an UN-repairable central air system.  Call us for all your refrigerated air conversions.

Schedule today because this special offer is only good until the end of June.

 P.S. Don’t get stuck mid-season with an AC system that’s UN-fixable. Just fill out this form online, email us at or give us a call at 800-617-6235 to start saving. Call the guys in the yellow booties for all your heating and cooling repair service needs.

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Attention: Seasonal Energy Alert… AC Service

Is Your Home at the Center of an Energy-Loss Vortex?

ac service

Your home comfort system worked hard to keep you cozy over the Winter. And with Summer just around the corner,you don’t want system wear and tear to cost a fortune in energy bills.

That’s not quite as far-fetched as it seems. See, your home comfort system worked very hard to keep you cozy all Winter. Now with Summer around the corner, you sure don’t want system wear and tear to create a black hole in your wallet. I think we all know how expensive space programs can be!  Get summer ready with quality home AC Service from SoBellas.

The good news? It’s totally preventable. 

It’s also crucial – for family, friends and visitors to your home – that your central air conditioning is operating comfortably and efficiently this Summer. And it only takes one step to make sure you get comfort and manageable energy costs. In fact…

That’s why I’m writing to you today.

Through June, SoBellas is offering a huge discount on pre-season tune-up service.  You can get a full $15 off our normal charge for this comprehensive service. (We ONLY make this special offer once a year… now.)

Here’s SOME of what’s covered in SoBellas’s comprehensive AC service:

  • Inspect, clean and adjust: blower motors, belts and thermostats.
  • Test airflow and check and refrigerant.
  • Lubricate motors and clean out all drains.
  • Make sure the entire system is working properly and is tuned to manufacturer specifications.

PLUS, if any repairs ARE needed: we’ll give you the same discount off parts AND labor. We’ll also guarantee ALL repair work for a FULL YEAR! (This gives you peace of mind for the entire season.)

Fill out this form online, email us at or give us a call at 800-617-6235 to lock in your savings: make your appointment soon from your local heating and cooling repair company, so you’ll get the date and time that’s most convenient. AND, of course, to lock in your savings on this once a year pre-season AC service sale.  (This offer expires the end of June.)


P.S.  Why risk out-of-this-world energy bills this Summer? Just fill out this form online, email us at or give us a call at 800-617-6235 for local ac repair before June ends or the discount vanishes into this air.

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Appliance Repair Pros Tips for Loading Contemporary Trash Compactors

Appliance Repair Pros throws out the trash.

appliance repair

Don’t put glass or plastic bottles near the drawer’s sides, front or back. Place them squarely in the center of the drawer and on their sides instead.

Half the battle of keeping modern-day, trash compactors and other appliances in excellent working order is taking the time to load the drawer properly. Just ask our appliance repair team members. They’ve seen their share of misloading mishaps and the amount of tears those compactor disasters have caused property owners. So, to help stem the tide of compactor related frustration, we’ve assembled some loading tips and jotted them down in today’s blog post. We hope that you find them valuable enough to pass along.

Don’t put glass or plastic bottles near the drawer’s sides, front or back. Place them squarely in the center of the drawer and on their sides instead. Otherwise, they may shatter or roll in a way that alters the standard performance of the trash compactor’s drawer or interior ram.

Do remember that liquid logged trash has a tendency to splatter during trash compaction. Granted, the liquid won’t splash out on to your kitchen floor but it will make an unnecessary mess nonetheless. Consequently, our appliance repair team recommends wringing out and disposing as much liquid as possible from your household’s trash before placing it into the compactor.

Don’t forget about juicy fruits, meats and mushy veggie too. In order to keep them from splashing all over the trash compactor’s interior, contemplate wrapping them up in unwanted, plastic bags or used paper towels first. The unrecyclable bags and towels will help keep the unavoidable splatter to the bare minimum.

Do yourself, the environment and the trash compactor a solid. Refrain from running the appliance until the drawer is 75% full. Running it earlier than that typically just wastes time, energy and labor. Besides, many trash compactor manufacturers design their units not to work unless there is sufficient material available for compression.

To speak with our appliance repair pros about these and other trash compactor loading tips, please contact us at SoBellas Home Services now for kenmore appliance repair and other services. We’d be happy to share what we know about trash compactor usage and schedule a routine maintenance, repair or any maytag home appliance repair and replacement call us today.

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Combine an AC Tune Up with Tuning Up Your Ability to Keep Cool on Your Own

 AC tune up by the pros at SoBellas Home Services

ac tune up

Enjoy cold foods on hot days, as a healthy way to cool down.

Getting ready for hot weather in the summer can be a little intimidating, especially if you are not up to snuff on keeping cool in your home without relying on your air conditioning to do the job.

While it is perfectly okay to use your air conditioner to stay cool, you should also know how to keep cool on your own, which will help you strike an ideal balance between the two.

Following the tips below and getting an AC tune up will ensure you have a cool summer and help avoid residential hvac repair.

Get a Recipe Book on Eating Cold Meals

There are countless recipes that can be found online or in recipe books that revolve around eating cold meals, so there is no reason that you cannot find some meals you can enjoy during hot days.

If you love salads, get a salad cookbook. If you are passionate about sandwiches, experiment with as many combinations as you can think of to enjoy good food and not get tired of eating the same meals.

Invest in Satin Sheets

While you may have your favorite bed sheets, that happen to not be satin, you should consider adding satin sheets to your bedding collection as they are perfect for keeping cool in the summer.

Have Fun with Cold Water

Cold water can be used in so many ways to keep cool. For instance, drink plenty of ice water, take a cold shower, or carry around an ice pack to cool down whenever you start warming up. Even better, start taking advantage of that swimming pool in your backyard, which will keep you cool as you come inside.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Another way to avoid overheating is by wearing appropriate clothing. In some cases, this means no clothing at all, but it really depends on your living situation. It is ideal to minimize the clothing you are wearing to the point where it is still appropriate and you feel most comfortable.

In addition to tuning up your cooling abilities, contact us for tuning up your air conditioning and heating and cooling systems prices and other home cooling ideas.

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Appliance Repair Tips: 4 Missteps That Can Cause Your Energy Bill to Sky Rocket

 Appliance Repair

appliance repair

Ignoring a faulty appliance is a big reason homeowners see an increase in their energy consumption.

Energy waste is a problem most households face. Fortunately, correcting the issue isn’t complicated and can be done by simply recognizing a few common missteps. The 4 tips listed below will help you increase your home’s energy efficiency and decrease your monthly energy bill.  Look to a local appliance repair company for all your service needs.

Malfunctioning Appliances

Ignoring a faulty appliance is a big reason homeowners see an increase in their energy consumption. Whether it’s a malfunctioning refrigerator or a defective dryer, putting off an appliance repair causes you to waste energy and money. If you suspect there is an issue, look up the symptoms online, and if you’re unable to pinpoint the problem, call your local ge appliance repair company to diagnose and fix the faulty appliance.

Neglecting Your Furnace Filter

A dirty filter restricts your furnace’s air flow, which causes the unit to work harder and run longer. You can avoid this problem by simply changing the filter every three months. However, if you choose to skip this DIY maintenance step your energy bill is bound to increase. Replacing the filter can also save your furnace from other costly malfunctions that occur due to negligence. As always call on local furnace repair near my location to take care of your home heating repair needs.  Or just call on the yellow booties near you.

Using Outdated Appliances

Although, purchasing a new appliance may not seem practical, doing so can actually save you money in the long run. Replacing an older refrigerator, dryer or washing machine with an energy star certified appliance can significantly decrease your home’s energy use. For example, states “Energy Star certified clothes washers use about 20% lees energy and 35% less water than regular washers.” Choosing to invest in an energy efficient appliance is key to reducing your monthly bill.

Not Cleaning Your Appliances

Whether it’s cleaning the lint from your dryer or removing the dust from your fridge’s condenser coils, a regularly schedule maintenance routine allows your appliances to run at their highest efficiency level. Overlooking these basic cleaning practices not only ups their energy consumption, but it also lessens their life expectancy.

If one of your appliances is malfunctioning, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to fix the problem and help you avoid costly appliance repair or just with some free appliance troubleshooting.  Call on the guys in the yellow booties for all of your service needs including Samsung and whirlpool refrigerators service repair.

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Furnace Repair Services Team Urges Families to Leave the Pressure Washers Alone

Furnace Repair Services, we dont service pressure washers however, read these warnings.

furnace repair services

Air Conditioning Repair Team Urges Families to Leave the Pressure Washers Alone
furnace repair

At this time of year, many people living and working in our furnace repair services area decide to clean up their properties’ exteriors. And that often involves breaking out the pressure washer to tidy up siding, decks and patios. Unfortunately, a lot of those folks also opt to turn the power washer’s nozzle towards their air conditioning’s housing unit too, which invariably leads to a service call and furnace repair services. Here’s why:

Depending on the model and brand, pressure washers have the potential to produce 3,300 pounds of pressure per square inch or more. Air conditioning systems typically feature aluminum fins, cooper tubes and metal housing. They are generally not built to withstand so much pressure from outside forces. Thus, one forceful sweep of a 3,300-PSI power washer and an air conditioning system’s metal components could easily end up rendered useless.

Therefore, it’s best to stick with a garden hose or a can of compressed air. The hoses tend to generate a mere 40 pounds of pressure whereas most cans of compressed air produce much less than that. With that said, they should be sufficient enough to remove dust, cobwebs and mud without causing irreparable damage. Pollen and other abrasive or caustic substances may need to be professionally removed instead.

In some instances, our furnace repair team may suggest that a unit’s coils and fins be steam cleaned. In other cases, special cleaners made from acids, alkaline substances and foam may be needed as well as certain tools. We’ve talked about such tools in previous posts at length (e.g. fin combs). They tend to be extremely effective but generate very little pressure onto the air conditioning system’s coils, fins and housing. To learn more about the damage pressure washers may cause cooling systems and how our air conditioning repair team can help prevent that from happening, please contact us online today.

If you need furnace repair near my location, the guys in the yellow booties are available for any heating and cooling repair, call us today for local heating repair services. Contact us today or call 800-617-6235

Home AC and Heater Repair Service

Do You Need a Home AC or Heater Repair Service?

Home AC and Heater Repair Service

Home AC and Heater Repair Service

Do You Need a Home AC and Heater Repair Service?
Home AC and Heater Repair Service

The dreary, cold days of winter are here, and spring is still a ways away. With winter comes some colder temperatures. Depending on where you live, winter may be the time that you turn your heater on for the first time in months. If your heater is not working like it did last season, there is a good chance you need a home AC and heater repair service. One of the most common issues is a problem with your AC condenser if you have a heat pump.

When your heat pump condenser is not working properly, chances are, it is either dirty, or blocked. If you suspect that this is the problem, please contact a professional. Dirty, or blocked condensers are one of the most common problems in residential refrigeration. However, there are a couple of things you can look out for to stop this from happening to you.

Bushes, or Plants That Are Overrun: Sometimes your furnace unit has started to become overrun by bushes, and plants.

Escaped Lint: You may also see clothes dryer lint stuck to the coil. Depending on where the clothes dryer vent is placed, it is possible for small, or large pieces of lint leaving the vent to get sucked into the condenser coil.

Either one of these items by themselves, or the two combined, can cause a blockage, and therefore partially block the condenser’s airflow, which causes high condenser pressures, and inefficiencies. If you notice one of these problems, make sure to take care of it right away.

For more information, please contact us. We would be delighted to take care of all your air conditioning and heating needs in Texas and New Mexico.

Heater Repair Service

Home Heater Repair Service in Texas Can Help with Noise Complaints

Heater Repair Service Help Quiet Things Down.

Heater Repair Service

Home Heater Repair Service in Texas Can Help with Noise Complaints Home Heater Repair Service

It’s a freight train. It’s a plane. No, that awful racket is coming from your home’s Heater. Now what? The good news is our SoBellas home Heater repair service team knows just how to decrease the din so your family and the rest of the neighborhood don’t have to walk around with ear plugs in place.

There are various reasons why a home’s heater might start to make enough noise to rouse the local zombies. As such, our home heater repair service pros typically start out by narrowing down the source of the racket. It could be that your home AC compressor or fans have gone awry and need repair or replacement. When that happens, they can generate a lot of direct and indirect noise.

If a replacement fan or compressor is needed, we’d suggest selecting new models that are designed run a lot quieter than their older counterparts. For example, older model heater and AC systems tend to produce 55 to 70 decibels of noise. Newer ones typically generally emit 45 decibels or less. However, the noise ranges do vary. So it’s best to ask our heater repair team for suggestions or do some shopping around on your own.

Speaking of shopping for a new heating system, you might want to consider our SoBellas Signature Series AC and heating systems. They tend to be extremely quiet by nature. Therefore, they may prove to be the best solution for your home.

We should also mention that in other situations, the awful noise may be caused by vibrations. When that happens, our home heater repair service team may recommend the use of sound blankets, acoustical panels, concrete pads or other items that are used to create sound barriers. Changing the location of the home’s heating unit or altering the landscape may help to decrease or deflect the noise away from other areas too.

To speak with our SoBellas home heater repair team about the previously mentioned noise solutions in more depth, please call (800) 617-6235 or contact us online.

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Washer Repair Tech Urges Everyone to Remember the Silent Workhorses

Washer repair pros help fold your laundry.

washer repair

Washer Repair Tech Urges Everyone to Remember the Silent Workhorses
washer repair

Most people in Texas remember to periodically clean their residential washing machines inside and out. There are also those that never miss a chance to disinfect their machines’ interiors too. But there is one area that gets neglected more times than not, which troubles our washer repair techs. Do you know which washing machine part we’re talking about? It’s the seemingly lowly hose.

They may appear insignificant at first but they’re categorically not. Without them, washing machines cannot move water and other liquids throughout their respective cycles. With that said, our washer repair team likes to think of them as silent workhorses. They literally stay behind the scenes and do a large part of the hefty lifting every time the machine is in use. However, when one breaks open or leaks, everyone notices and scrambles to call for washer repair.

To help our customers steer clear of those wet moment, we like to periodically inspect all of the machine’s hoses. Our techs also recommend replacing the hoses every few years whether they look in good shape or not. After all, signs of dry rot may not be readily visible. For instance, the hose could be weakening from the inside out. As such, it will likely appear fine on the surface but burst open the next time the washing machine is used.

As expected, hose material breaks are not the only problems that arise over time. There may be occasions when the hose’s fitting, gasket or screen fails too. If the gasket or fitting fails, they’ll undoubtedly be leaks to worry about. As for screen failures, they could exacerbate sedimentation problems. And those types of problems can ultimately damage clothes too. So to learn more about keeping washing machines’ silent workhorses in excellent shape before it’s too late, please contact us today.

Central AC Repair

Central AC Repair Company Pros Discuss the Importance of Servicing Ducts

Central AC Repair pros discuss ducts, not ducks.

Central AC Repair

Central A/C Repair Company Pros Discuss the Importance of Servicing Ducts
Central AC Repair

Have you ever been told by friends and family that it’s important to have your system’s duct work periodically cleaned by a central AC repair company? If so, whoever told you that was absolutely right on the money. That’s because HVAC systems’ duct work is notorious for harboring dust, debris, mold, mildew and pests.

If that isn’t disturbing enough, over time, all of that build-up may also impact the system’s effectiveness and efficiency. After all, in order for an HVAC system to function as it was intended, air has to make its way through those ducts. Therefore, it stands to reason that the more dirt and debris is present, the less efficient a HVAC unit will be.

What your learned friends and family members may not have shared with you is how crucial it is to select the right central air conditioning company for the job. HVAC systems’ duct work, if not cleaned correctly, may sustain noticeable damage. That’s why it’s important to select knowledgeable, highly rated, central AC repair technicians that opt to use time-tested, cleaning methods. They tend to effectively, and safely, remove mildew, mold, debris and dust from a variety of duct work set-ups.

Once our highly trained technicians finish thoroughly servicing your central A/C system, there is a good chance that you’ll notice a marked improvement in efficiency and indoor air quality. If you do not, keep in mind that our superior trained technicians offer a 15% energy saving guarantee and free energy surveys.

We also offer hassle-free maintenance agreement plans, up-front pricing, on-time service guarantees, three year system warranties and check call status updates for those that may be interested. So there is no chance that our service techs will leave you red-faced and fuming over unfulfilled promises. To learn more about our central AC repair and routine maintenance services, please contact our SoBellas cooling specialists at (800) 617-6235 today.

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